The Mystery of Morning Erections

The Mystery of Morning Erections

From "morning wood" to the "sunrise salute," there are various terms for it, but what truly triggers a morning erection?

For individuals with penises, nocturnal penile tumescence, or NPT, is a common occurrence, often arising without a direct link to sexual arousal. Interestingly, these erections can manifest as early as during fetal development, suggesting a complex origin.

But what prompts them? Research suggests that morning erections typically coincide with the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, when the body transitions from sympathetic to parasympathetic stimulation, triggering a nerve response leading to an erection. Given that individuals undergo multiple sleep cycles each night, it's not uncommon for some to experience several erections during the same period of slumber.

Moreover, testosterone levels tend to peak in the morning, further contributing to the likelihood of an erection. Additionally, a full bladder upon waking can exert pressure on spinal nerves involved in erection generation, leading to involuntary erections. Surprisingly, these erections may occur even in the absence of sexual desire, highlighting the complex interplay of physiological factors at play.

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