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Looking for a high-tech and pleasurable anal sex toy? Look no further than this app-controlled butt plug vibrator with a unique design and a range of exciting features.

[10 Vibration Intensities] Experience all nine vibration modes to satisfy your desires and choose the perfect one to match your mood. Let your hips shake with this daring glider and enjoy the pleasure of its movements. Stroke it, grab it, and slide it in slowly, deep, until you feel the shivers.

[Classic Wide Base Design] The unique wide base design with a 90-degree insertion point allows comfortable use of the plug, even while sitting or walking. The characteristic tapered shape and flared base design are designed to stay firmly in place. This is a fun adventure for those who enjoy all kinds of excitement.

[Soft Touch] The plug is made of silky smooth, hypoallergenic silicone that is safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Enjoy the game with confidence!

[App-Controlled, Redefining Intimacy] Take control of your own pleasure with this app-controlled anal sex toy. With ten different modes, including video mode, music mode, interactive mode, and more, the app allows for complete customization of your pleasure - alone or with a partner. Explore next-level fun in long-distance relationships or solo sessions for a truly unique experience.

[After-Sales Service & Discreet Packaging] Our sex toys come in private, unmarked packaging for the ultimate in discretion. Every product we make is covered by a one-year warranty! If the product is defective or you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us.

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